Friday, January 26, 2007

Ballard Vignette

Me: The hipsters are freaking me out.
S: Activate your disdain centers!
Me: I already have!

Special Guest Blogging from S: Description of Disturbing Hipsters at La Carta Oaxaca

they stood, together yet alone, tragic. hip. pale. emaciated. she: clad in a striped wrap dress and a plaid parka, 80's era chrissie hynde hairstyle. you know, black. layered but overgrown. hanging past her eyebrows and crowding her cheeks. also with the impish face, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the hair, bored, unfocused, expressionless, disaffected gaze. he: striped button down shirt and no jacket. black oblong-framed glasses. same disaffected gaze. brown hair, neither short but long. "textured" with "product." cultivated sense of unease.

ohplease says: i feel bad, because we used to have punks to make us uneasy, but now we only have hipsters. it seems like a loss. i am sad for our culture. oh my god. it's like i'm hillary clinton, speaking about hipsters.

/guest blogging

S: I feel like my hair might be kind of hipster-like.
Me: No, it's not. It's sui generis.
S: [?]
Me: That's a term we use in law school. It means "its own thing."


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