Monday, December 05, 2005

I think my brain is resisting the law.

The transplant is being rejected, perhaps.

We were going over old exam questions in Contracts today, and I think my ability to spot issues and argue them is significantly WORSE than it was three or four weeks ago. I have a total lack of joy--when we did problem sets a few weeks ago, I found the if/then, oh-you're-not-out-of-the-woods-yet nature of the analysis...actually fun. Today? Bleh.

Of course, this could be burnout brought on by doing my Legal Writing memo in a marathon session over the weekend. But. I don't think I can really chide myself about that: I have a hard time synthesizing stuff unless I just immerse myself in it. Of course, the immersion makes me non-functional in other ways, and I end up doing things like taking my wet sweaters out of the washer and leaving them wadded up on a chair for a day, or being late to class because I can't find my wallet and therefore can't leave the house.

I have no other news. Exams start in a week and I still need to outline all my classes and get my exam mojo back.


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