Wednesday, November 02, 2005


They have wireless everywhere at the law school. This means I can watch the guy who sits in front of me in Torts run two instant message windows at once. The font's not large enough for me to see what he's saying, but I can tell that one of his usernames ends in "Dawg" and the other ends in "daddy."

He also wears a backward baseball cap most days.

I've started having dreams about school, but they're very abstract. It's all just like "There's chaos, and I've got to apply rules to bring order. Where are the rules? Could I classify things this way? Did that thing slip away before I classified it?" I'm sure this is the primal law student dream. But there's no real content to this process, in the dream (and maybe in life). It's slightly like being on acid, where you see the abstract machinery of your thoughts, and can't stop seeing it.


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