Monday, November 14, 2005

Yet more evidence that dogs are disgusting.

(And that I'm a really lousy housekeeper.)

A few weeks ago, a partially eaten take-out container of Chinese food ended up in my yard, and after eating as much of it as she could before I noticed, Biz licked and ate the dirt in the area for a couple of weeks. She'd come in every day with a little dirt mustache I had to wipe off, and she'd stink really funky chicken and sesame oil.

Lately, she's started eating dirt again, only now she smells Dead fish? Something else dead, that's been dead for a really long time? Fermented squirrel? Well, today I followed her out into the yard and discovered what she's been eating. Evidently I let my not-quite-closed container of Alaska Fish Fertilizer roll onto its side on the deck, and drip drip drip onto the dirt below, and in the past two weeks Biz has eaten about 1/2 cup of fish-emulsion-soaked dirt.

As far as I can tell from the Internets, it's not toxic.


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