Thursday, March 23, 2006

My extremely annoying car accident.

Today we have (what I hope is) the denoument of my very annoying car accident of Saturday March 11, aka the Saturday before finals:
[Voicemail] Hi, this is Chad from State Farm calling. We just wanted to let you know that we've concluded our investigation of your March 11 accident and concluded that the other driver was entirely at fault.
OK, does this mean my rates *aren't* going through the roof?

My very annoying car accident involves me driving in the leftmost lane of Western Avenue in Belltown when some rube from Eastern Washington finally figures out where his street is and makes a left turn out of the lane to my right without checking his blind spot first. I lay down rubber trying to avoid hitting him, but end up scuffing his bumper on the left rear side (where it wraps around the quarter panel) with the front right of my bumper. In other words, the front of my car hits the side of his car. Because he's sideways in front of me. Because he's turning. Which, let me tell you, it is scary to just be driving along and then suddenly there's some jackass sideways in front of you.

But wait. That's not all. There's also the part where he yells at me and continually accuses me of trying to drive away and not having insurance, even when I'm 1) Offering him my insurance card, 2) Going back to my car to get pen and paper so he can write down my insurance information (which just causes him to yell that I'm trying to drive away), and 3) Standing there with card, pen, and paper. Meanwhile, he won't actually hand me his insurance card, so all the information I'm able to get is his name and policy number, which I jot down by looking over his shoulder while he's writing down my info. When I ask him for my card back, he says he needs to get my phone number first, and when I tell him I don't have to give that to him and won't give that to him, he won't give me back my card. I end up having to take it out of his hand so I can leave. As I'm getting in my car, he's storming after me yelling "You'd better get ready."

Which I do, by calling my insurance company telling them that I hit some illegal-left-turning maniac who says I'd better get ready. So what he told his insurance company is that he never changed lanes (Technically true--he didn't change lanes. He just turned left out of his lane and across mine), and that I DID drive away, which is kind of hard to reconcile with the fact that he has all of my insurance information, and which made the investigator from State Farm laugh out loud.

Do I have a point here? Maybe a few, like:
  • So far, my experience with this claim is sucking much less than I thought it would.
  • This guy is a complete idiot and I hope his insurance company jacks his rates, which he richly deserves for being both a crappy driver and a huge asshole.
  • I found this guy's behavior really disturbing, not just because of the yelling and threatening and not giving my card back (prima facie disturbing, that), but because he was so entirely unwilling to acknowledge that he might have missed something (such as an entire lane with a car in it), and because his crazy behavior was so weirdly self-righteous. There seemed to be something actually at stake for him not just in getting my information so that he could file a claim, but in making sure that I was wrong. That paranoid leap from "Oh, I've had a car accident with this person." to "This person doesn't have car insurance [never mind the card] and is trying to drive away [never mind the pencil and paper] and is an evil person trying to victimize me and I have to fight fight fight" is just weird.
  • And um, yeah, kind of reminds me of my mother.


At 9:47 PM, March 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'm guessing the guy's a Republican. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

-- M


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