Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We are going to pick up the pace, yes?

So here's my new policy for the softball participation questions in lecture: I shoot my hand up, I answer the question, and we move the fuck on. Can we do that please? Thank you.

Torts: Love it. Love the subject matter, love the prof's digressions on the development of tort law as a means of consolidating the state's monopoly on violence, love it.

Civil Procedure: Does anybody really get excited about Civ Pro? Luckily, this is taught by a really funny, personable appellate trial lawyer. Why is this good? Two reasons: a) Since he's made a good chunk of his living from appealing procedural issues, he's really in touch with why you would care about this crap. b) He do the police in different voices (apologies to TS Eliot).

Contracts: Oh dear. Well, the subject matter is kind of dull, and the prof is really...maternalistic. Condescending, but in a "for your own good, poor baby, I'll water this down" kind of way. Lots of really dumb hypotheticals. This will be difficult for me.

Here's my new policy on getting to campus two to three hours before my first class due to my carpool schedule: I do have to work during this time, but I can go to a Greek diner or something rather than burrowing into the underground library.

Here's my new policy on the stressed-out girl who can't seem to go 12 seconds without mentioning her many, many attorney relatives: I avoid her. Narrow choice between this and bragging to her that my nephew is a process server. ("He's like Erin Brockovich with a mullet!")

And my tiny but expensive new RED computer? Love it. Have totally bonded. Not bothered by the tiny screen and font (it's very clear). Love the tiny keyboard, because I don't have to move my hands at all when I type--just wiggle my fingers. AND I got a 180-day academic trial of the highly addictive Microsoft OneNote.


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