Sunday, September 04, 2005

Terrier Fetch

Here's how to play fetch with a terrier:
  • Get two beloved items, like maybe a rawhide bone and a Kong.
  • Give one to the dog, throw the other one.
  • Dog will chase the thrown item and drop the first one.
  • Pick up the dropped item.
  • When the dog returns with the thrown item, throw the dropped item. Dog will drop the thrown item.
  • Continue until one of you becomes tired.
I tried fetch the old fashioned way, but that required getting the rawhide bone (and/or Kong) away from the dog, an occasion for much guttural snarling, wrinkling of nose, laying back of ears, and baring of teeth. And then, because I'm the human and therefore can't be seen to lose, there's the ginger prying of the slimy toy out of the clenched and snarling jaws of the little dog.

The thing is, she actually enjoys fetch, once you get her going. She just doesn't understand that in order to fetch an item, one must first let it go.


At 12:32 PM, September 06, 2005, Anonymous mike said...

My dog, the ball-crazy Henry, has trained himself. I ain't gonna fight with him for the stupid ball -- if he won't give it to me, no fetch. So he's learned not just to give up the ball, but he now follows me (or other likely candidates around), dropping the soggy tennis ball at my feet -- "Hey, here's the ball, throw it! See, here it is! See, here! Here it is! Here's the ball. Throw the ball! See, here it is! Here's the ball I want you to throw! Here! See, here it is!" ... ad nauseum.

At 8:04 AM, September 09, 2005, Blogger arguchik said...

god i love dogs. they are so crazy and silly and transparent in their desires and loveable and they make life so much more fun. i think it might be impossible for a dog owner to stay depressed for very long.


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