Sunday, August 28, 2005

My insane new dog!

Check it out! In my continuing determination to be the retirement option of choice for the older terrier, I have adopted "Mitzi," who will henceforth be called either "Mizzy Miz," "Walter Mitty," "Possum Butt," or "Scuzzlebutt," depending on which she answers to. First picture is from yesterday around noon, about 18 hours after I got her home. The rest are from just now. I think she seems more relaxed. I love that baleful terrier look in the last one...

She's snoring on the couch right now. She came from a family with 5 kids and a new baby, so I think she's enjoying the rest home. I hope she's well. We'll go to the vet early this week for a checkup, rabies shot, and flea stuff. She picked up a flea on our walk today (just one--easy to find since she's white--I squished it), and she was going nuts trying to scratch it by sticking her butt under the couch and violently scooting from side to side, which accidentally stimulated that spot on her back that causes her left leg to spaz out. So she's partially jammed under the couch kind of writhing around with her leg thumping on the floor. I was alarmed, and thought she might have some kind of exercise-induced neurological disorder until my sister said it was probably just a flea.

She might just work out. It's weird how similar her behaviors are to Dear Departed Bailey's. For instance, the baleful look. Or: the fact that she enjoys playing the "human pretend to strangle dog/dog pretend to bite human" game. I guess it must be a terrier thing...

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