Monday, August 22, 2005


Today I rented an unexpectedly huge Dodge Ram pickup with a king cab and a HEMI, whatever that is. (* Purpose of renting truck was: go to the dump, go to IKEA, go to Home Despot. However, the huge giantness of the truck and the faint ridiculousness of the HEMI proved a great source of amusement to S and me.

Example: On the way home from IKEA, we applied our newfound truck vocabulary...
Me: This thing has pretty good pickup. Maybe it's the HEMI.
S: Look! It's a Dualie!**

Example: After loading up at Home Despot, I needed to squeeze the truck past some scruffy dudes in Rossignol T-shirts loading drywall...
Me: I'm not sure if I can get the big giant HEMI around these guys.
S: Run 'em over! Stupid mountain men!!

The HEMI. It's dangerous, man.

*Why is the HTML for links so fucking hard to remember? I mean, it's the WEB. It's about linking. Shouldn't the HTML be "link" rather than "a=href" whatever? I'm just askin'.

**A truck so big and giant that it's gotta have two back wheels. No wait--that's all trucks. Two back wheels on each side.

((The HEMI has made me giddy.))


At 10:31 PM, August 22, 2005, Anonymous mike said...

Heh. "Has that thing got a hemi in it?"

The hemi engine, as I'm sure you're no doubt dying to know, uses a hemispherical combustion chamber for efficient burning; its claim to fame is power. An interesting (or at least unique) factoid is that it was the first engine that could generate as much horse power as its displacement (e.g., 450 HP for 450 cubic inches).

So, there you go ... nerding out. It's a side effect of my profession. Not getting the humor of your posting is not, however, directly tied to my job. :-)

At 4:09 PM, August 26, 2005, Blogger arguchik said...

does it really count as "nerding out" when you're researching and citing facts about a big engine in a pickup truck? i suppose it doesn't matter *what* you look up, but *how* you look it up.

all i got to say is...those mountain men had it coming.


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