Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My dog is maimed! And has no teeth!

I'm not even going to take a picture of this because it's simply too horrifying. Today Miz Biz went to the vet for what I suspect is the first dental cleaning in her life. Her teeth were truly horrifying, and her breath was unbearable--kind of a cross between normal bad dog breath and some awful metallic undertone. As I anticipated, she had quite a few teeth that were infected, abscessed, eroded, etc., and they had to take about 10 of them out. She has stitches in her mouth and is still bleeding a little. And bled quite a bit in the cage at the vet, which, because she is white, left some rather shocking stains around her mouth and around her head and such.

I also had them take off the big mole/tumor thing on her nose, so she's got about three or four stitches and a shaved patch there.

So, now I'm cooking "doggie congee" for her (rice, dry dogfood, and chicken broth (because I didn't get to the store to get her some soft food)) and waiting for her to start feeling good enough to growl and grumble instead of whining and whimpering. She's started barking again. That seems to be a good sign.

Poor old girl. I hope this was worth it for her as well as me. (I know I won't miss the deadly breath.)


At 11:22 PM, January 23, 2006, Blogger arguchik said...

poor mitzi. but she seems happier. and her breath is so fresh now. or, as you put it, "she has no breath!"

i once met a three-legged dog on the beach in burlington, vt. this dog was running around, playing with perry, zipping in and out of the water. i asked the owner how long ago the dog had lost its leg, assuming it had been years. she said, "4 months." 4 months. i think mitzi will be fine, having lost the teeth.

we have to bless the dogs... where is st. francis when you need him? (he's the animal guy, right?)


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