Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Group #!

One of my study group pals had a party tonight for our law school section, Group #. (For those of you who aren't in law school, the key thing to know here is that most law schools assign all 1Ls to small groups of 30 or so. You have your small-section class with these people, your legal writing class with these people, and every other class with these people too. Basically, you're trapped with these people.)

As far as I know, the school assigns groups more or less randomly, but over the year, each group develops its own norms and personality. For instance, my carpool buddy's group, Group Other#, is known as a party group where a lot of folks are hung over on Fridays because they go out on Thursday night.

Group # doesn't play that. We can barely be bothered to attend our own social events. We seem to have embraced an identity as "The Laid Back Group." Especially compared with whatever group it is we're paired with for Property, we seem to have a lot of folks over 30 and a lot of international students. Of the youth, many have spent time overseas, and very few are straight out of college. All of us work pretty hard, but none of us really seemed to freak out at finals, and none of us are real yappy-dog gunners. There's not a lot of toxic ego crap in Group #. As a friend of mine was saying tonight, most of us seem pretty inner-directed.

I ♥ Group #. We should make a T-shirt. I'm thinking with Ganesha, because he vanquishes that prideful little mouse guy.


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