Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hey, What about the Law School Shit?

Currently I'm on Day 2 of my 39-day pre-law-school vacation, so I'm mainly obsessed with home improvement, the garden, not spending too much money on home improvement and the garden, etc. I'm also reading Chris Goodrich's "Anarchy and Elegance" from the 1L summer reading list, about which more later. (Initial thought: A couple of years ago, I swore off books by journalists. That was a good idea.) (Other thought: This is a book from, a concept I don't know much about. However, I've been frustrated by deficits in the physical book. Example: Several pages are missing a line or two at the bottom. Example: The binding is weak. Example: Occasionally, a line is so blurred as to be unreadable.)

Oh yeah, and my friend M sent me this link, which is superb:

Five-Minute Law School

Best quote: "Still, it is not really surprising that students who have learned from popular fiction that law school will pit them against hyper-competitive peers..."

There's a link in the article to the same guy's piece calling bullshit on the whole "Law school teaches you to think like a lawyer" cliche.


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